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I want to become who
I truely am.

Constantly striving to push boundaries.
Artistic Career

Even as a child, I loved to dive into the world of colors with pen and brush. In those deep creative hours, I acquired the ability to capture and depict my surroundings in pictures. So, during my years in the USA, I could easily communicate with my classmates before I even mastered their language.

Soon, my talent had spread among the school teachers to the extent that they entrusted me with the artistic design of all the school event posters.

At the age of ten, when my family moved to Germany, my first art teacher introduced me to the technique of linocut. The result of this first work, titled "Places of Violence," was distributed on 150 posters throughout the city. This experience filled me with pride.

In the drawing competition "My Dream School," where students put their visions of learning in the future on paper, I took first place. Today, when I look at my design, I smile at how I anticipated some aspects of our current time, such as tablet computers.

After school, it was said: "Art doesn't pay the bills... learn something practical!" So, to turn my passion into a profession, I graduated in graphic design. And quite successfully: The poster commissioned by the Ministry of Sports and Culture on the topic of "Fashion Design Education" was well-received and used by public institutions nationwide.

For the past 20 years, I have been working as a communication designer and have my own advertising agency. >

Two years ago, after my mother passed away, I decided to further pursue my art. Since March 2023, I have been painting in a expressionistic style with acrylic and other materials on canvases. These artworks can now be admired and purchased.


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