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At the heart of the work of the German-Romanian artist, based in Heidelberg, is the belief in the untamed creative power of intuition in the present moment.

Dragoescu uses gravity when applying paint – free from disruption, dictation, direction and (obstructive) tools. This immediacy brings an extraordinary energy to the canvas, and this intensity is reflected back to the observer.

The interplay of colours, layers, materials, and structures, along with the freedom from conventional constraints and spatial limitations, creates a remarkably potent, almost magical language within her work.

According to Dragoescu, instead of staging colour, form and statement, the focus should be on the unconfined and impulsive flow of energy amplified by the power of paint application.

The magical moment between heartbeats. Intuition connects head, heart and soul, taking the lead - allowing everything to unravel. Spontaneously. Everything unfolds on the canvas.
That is Dragoescu.


Intuitive. Impulsive. Intense.


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